Community Council meeting 6 dec 2005

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Wed Dec 7 07:21:11 GMT 2005

> > It's time again for another report from CC-land. This meeting brought us
> > new members, arguing about the forums and several other things.
> (I totally forgot there was a meeting)

subscribe to it in evolution, sunbird, or your favourite organizer,
and never miss another meeting :)

[this friendly reminder was brought you by a member of the Ubuntu
refrigeration crew]

> [snip]
> > New members:
> Just wondering: what is the status about delegating some of the work on
> the new member approvals? Is there something we can do to help here?

This one?

I think it passed in a previous meeting.  Did it?
I guess now it will only need someone to grab the ball, and organize
the pre-meeting interviews between candidates and some community

Daniel Robitaille

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