Community Council meeting 6 dec 2005

Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at
Tue Dec 6 23:46:35 GMT 2005

It's time again for another report from CC-land. This meeting brought us
new members, arguing about the forums and several other things.

The members of the community council (currently Mark Shuttleworth,
Benjamin Hill, Colin Watson and James Troup) can now be reached via the
e-mailaddress community-council at This list will not be
publicly archived and is only meant for contacting the council.

Christian Reis braught two launchpad related items to our attention.
First the current term for "person who has signed the Ubuntu code of
conduct" has been changed from Ubuntite to Ubuntero. This change has not
happened everywhere, causing confusion. The term Ubuntero is also not
gender neutral. Mark Shuttleworth will solve this inconsistency (if
anyone sees ubuntite anywere, file a bug on launchpad). A new term for
"person who has signed the Ubuntu code of conduct" will have to be the
subject of another meeting.
Second, there is a typo in the code of conduct. Colin Watson will
proofread the complete code of conduct and a new version will be
uploaded to launchpad afterwards. It will not be required to sign this
new version if you already signed version 1.0

Kevin Cole (on behalf of the US locoteams) braught forward the proposal
of naming the local us teams us-$state or us-$state-$region_or_city.
Matthias Ulrich will take care of the technical details (DNS).

Several people have filed complaints about problems at the forums. These
problems involved a disagreement around the 'Automatix' software. Even
though some people took this opportunity to argue/complain about the
forum staff, this was highly irrelevant (see also below). The
disagreement mainly involved licensing and Benjamin Hill will contact
the people involved to try and settle this.

New members:

* Benjamin Hill gave his OK for Mauricio Hernandez, who was 
  half-approved last time.

* The Community Council still struggles with how to judge advocacy. 
  Fabián Rodríguez has fallen victim to that situation, as he could not 
  yet be approved this time. Fabián has made progress in documenting 
  his advocacy and Dennis Kaarsemaker will try to contact people for 

* Jordan Mantha has done good work for the motu, mainly merging 
  packages and creating the Motu Science team. The Motu cheerleader 
  squad welcomed him aboard the Ubuntu ship.

* Chris Peterman has been actively supporting Ubuntu users on the forum 
  and on IRC since May. He is also promoting (Ed)Ubuntu in New York. He
  has been approved as Ubuntu member.

* Raphael Pinson has done nice reviewing work in the past few weeks. 
  His contributions however started with this reviewing, only a few 
  weeks ago. If he continues to make this contribution sustained and 
  significant, he should applay again in a few weeks.

* Kevin Cole has contributed to oth the documentation team,
  accessibility and Edubuntu. For this contribution he has been 
  welcomed aboard.

* Steve Kowalik has only recently become active in the MOTU team, but 
  has been a Debian developer since 2001. He has learned the MOTU way 
  of doing things very quickly and already helps out a lot. The CC 
  members were happy to drag him aboard the Ubuntu ship.

* Zygmunt Krynicki came back for his second try and brought Michael
  Vogt and Martin Pitt with him to vouch for him. He has almost been 
  welcomed as Ubuntu member for his work in translations and 
  translation support. Benjamin Hill had to leave early so he will have 
  to finalize the voting. 

* Michael Banck has been defered to the next meeting.

The date and time of next meeting still have to be scheduled. It will be
scheduled on a different day and time than usual, per the request of
several people. I will contact the regular visitors and CC members about
this later.

Well after the meeting was over, Ryan Troy arrived with a bad temper,
saying that he was "sick of all the bullshit with the forums and the
CC". After lots of discussion it was clear that he has mistaken the CC
agenda, which anyone can edit, for an official opinion of the CC.

It is clear that the CC has little knowledge of how the forums work and
that this needs to change. This topic will be covered next meeting.

Dennis K.
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