Please test direct .deb installing

Ramon Acedo ramon at
Sun Dec 4 12:33:54 GMT 2005

El mar, 15-11-2005 a las 12:00 +0100, Michael Vogt escribió:
> Hi,
> making it possible to install .deb packages directly with dependency
> resolution is a feature request that we have for quite some
> time. There is a new tool available with the working title "gdebi"
> that should be able to do that:

This is a great idea, it's still difficult to teach newbies to go to
the terminal and type "dpkg -i foo.deb", they will find problems like
the path, the file name, etc. 

I'd like to go even further and propose that gdebi would allow to
install a package in the home of the user running it, without root
privileges, I think that autopackage ( already does

For this to work gdebi should do:

* Keep track of what packages the user has installed in order to be
  able to remove them later (and ideally its dependencies).

* Extract the package in the user's home directory (something like 
 'dpkg -x foo.deb ~/')

* Set the user's path at least to $PATH:~/usr/bin:~/bin

Another idea would be that gdebi would permit install a .rpm converting
it first to .deb with alien.

And a difficult and crazy idea would be that gdebi would even try to
install a source package, kompile
( already does
this and checkinstall
( has another
interesting approach.

Anyway, what gdebi wants to do is already very useful and I look 
forward to see it in Dapper.



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