Useful Disks Manager feature spec

Loïc Martin lomartin3 at
Fri Dec 2 22:46:52 GMT 2005

Since we're talking about disk management, would anybody be against you
adding a feature spec for a good default configuration of
FAT32 and NTFS partition that would take in account accented languages?
Joe user has to read quite a few post / man pages to be able to get good
options to mount these partition (and most of the times the advices he
get won't work so it's atrial and error process....).

I know most here might be native english speakers, but Joe user might not.
In case you never heard about this, to get french accent and chinese
characters to print properly on my old FAT32 partitions I had to add :


as options (yeah, some of it is to get user writing right... I wasn't
able to get user rights for mounting/unmounting though, but would be
happy to do so. I don't know if it makes much sense to get too secure
options with FAT32 partitions anyways. If you're using a FAT32 or an
NTFS partition, you're not concerned about security on this volume :)


By the way, are we going to see new wine packages in dapper? :P
I'm still using 0310 for compatibility reasons, but seems like they've
been making lots of progress since 0725

Scott Ritchie wrote:

 >Hey everybody,
 >I've noticed that the disks manager applet could use a lot of
 >improvement. After thinking about it some, I believe I've identified
 >what's missing and what's seriously broken. A draft of the feature spec
 >to be added to launchpad is here:
 >I'd like some feedback before I put it into launchpad tomorrow.
 >Scott Ritchie

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