MOTU report - issue 10

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Thu Dec 1 18:12:33 GMT 2005

Hi everybody,

this is the tenth issue of the MOTU report, telling you, what happened
in Universe and where you can expect the Master of the Universe to
strike next.

After UBZ [1] and the planning of the Dapper release, everybody was
excited to get working on Dapper and the results are amazing:
      * lots of merges back to Debian got done
      * many libraries were already fixed for the C++ standard allocator
        change [2]
      * many bugs were categorized, and replied to - especially on the
        HUG DAY [3]


The MOTUs were the first to use the new Malone interface [4] entirely
and we are gradually leaving the wiki behind to organize ourselves, but
file bug reports for package-related tasks we have to do. We were the
first to use a new exciting technology: Malone's Mail Interface! [5] The
merges and the allocator change are the shiny result [6] of this.


We congratulate some NEW MOTUs in the team:
      * Benjamin Montgomery (bmonty) who was with us for quite a while
        and fixed a bunch of packages - it's great to finally have you.
      * Zak B. Elep (zakame) made a kickstart into the team - thanks for
        helping us out.
      * Loic Pefferkorn (pef) who enriched the KDE world with many many
        packages - ROCK on!
      * Benjamin Mako Hill (mako) became honorary member of the team -
        welcome, dude!

Somebody should start a MOTUWorldMap - it'd be interesting to see how
much of the 'Universe' we cover already.

Sebastian Dröge (slomo) was presented with 'main' upload rights, after a
very long TB meeting everybody agreed, that his affiliation towards
Media was a real win for Ubuntu.

Johnny Mast (rave_) started an initiative to create logos for the MOTU
world; [7] already lists a couple of his pictures. Let's have a
competition decide on the best MOTU Logo in a month.


We have a mailing list [8], see [9] to sign up. After lots of talk we
finally made it and we all think it'll make our organisation better and
if you ever wanted to get started in packaging, we can give you pointers
on the list.

[8] ubuntu-motu at

Cool stuff to come: We'll have another Review Day soon and of course a
Bug Day! We'll announce them on the mailing list too.

Stephan Hermann (\sh) announced [10] the Ubuntu MOTU School - we're all
excited to see talks in a regular fashion and to have something, we can
use as documentation for all the newcomers. If you want to have a look
what goes on, join #ubuntu-motu-school, after a new session was
announced on the mailing list. Next session will be on 2005-12-10 -
we'll figure out the time.


In the last month a lot of new people showed up, helped out and will
hopefully soon be MOTUs too.
Jordan Mantha (LaserJock), Chris Peterman (Kyral), Tobias Hunger
(hunger) among them.

We're happy to see more and more teams evolving. That's the kind of
structure we want to see in the long run: lots of small teams who work
together, know their topic and have own plans and ideas how to go forth.
Apart from that we have taskforces; teams, that take care of a specific
task, like 'merging' - they receive all the bugs for this task and work
until they fixed it all up. That's something that makes the MOTU
landscape so very interesting: you can work in a lot of teams, poke at
all your interests and get to know a lof of people. [11] is the list of
our current teams and we will present one team in every report from

This time it is the  MOTU Science team ('motuscience' on Launchpad)
[12]- they now count 5 members who are willing to work on science
related packaging and bug fixing. They will hopefully also prod
development in upstream as well. Thanks to siretart we have a mailing
list. It can be found at [13]. If you ever wanted to make Ubuntu the
scientific Distro of everybody's choice - join the team! 


You see that MOTU was never more exciting and this is the time you
should join the team. You can integrate your ideas and plans - sky's the
limit. :-)

Start here:

Have a nice day,
 the MOTU team

PS: If we forgot to mention something, please head to [14] and we'll
definitely write about it next time.


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