Dapper status meeting followup

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Thu Dec 1 09:03:08 GMT 2005

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>Nov 24 06:12:28 <infinity>	usplash-*: tested vga16fb changes to use a lower resolution, muddled with assembly in syslinux to make the same change for CD booting, need more testing
> How far off is this?  If we're going to do it, it needs to land ASAP in
> order to be thoroughly tested.

This got backburnered again, while working on getting LRM into shape,
but I'll aim to push a (working) patch to Ben this weekend, putting this
at my highest priority.

>>Nov 24 06:12:30 <infinity>	general: helped with kernel security updates last week (l-r-m and linux-meta), need to get a new l-r-m and linux-meta in this week for the new kernel, spent plenty of time babysitting various components to make modular X buildable, currently polishing off most of that tonight, buildd tasks have been reasonably onerous this last week.
> As discussed with BenC, please help him get up to speed on l-r-m so that he
> can share this responsibility.

LRM has now been modified to make ABI bumps a one-edit affair (just one
number in debian/rules needs to be changed, no more *_minor stuff, no
more sed across debian/control, etc), so handing off the "simple"
updates to Ben is a no-brainer at this point.  He should be able to keel
the kernel, LRM, and linux-meta lockstep with no more than an extra 2
minutes of effort.

... Adam

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