MOTU Meeting Summary, 24th August 2005

Daniel Holbach dh at
Thu Aug 25 11:24:16 CDT 2005

Hi everybody,

Am Freitag, den 26.08.2005, 00:07 +0800 schrieb Trent Lloyd:
> I've made an attempt to sum up the meeting, and provide relevant bits of
> chat log.

Thank you very much, Trent.

It seems I have to clarify my apology for not attending the meeting: 

> dholbach is busy, "have fun with the meeting"
> ajmitch thinks dholbach has a poor excuse

This gives the impression, I didn't care about the meeting at all. 

I was very busy with moving, getting my thesis ready and now I'm working
on another project. On the "questionable" night I was dining out with my

I did tell Oliver (ogra) that I would be too busy to attend the next
meeting some days before.

Maybe I should have written another mail to the list or something. Sorry
for that.

Have a nice day,

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