UbuntuExpress status: update

Javier Carranza javier.carranza at interactors.coop
Wed Aug 24 09:11:58 CDT 2005

	Hi guys,

	We're pleased to announce we've just released Ubuntu Express 0.9. All
the binaries packages and sources are available at:

	* http://interactors.coop/~trunks/installer/ubuntu-express_0.9ubuntu1_all.deb
	* http://interactors.coop/~trunks/installer/ubuntu-express-frontend-gtk_0.9ubuntu1_all.deb
	* http://interactors.coop/~trunks/installer/ubuntu-express-ubuntu-artwork_0.9ubuntu1_all.deb
	* http://interactors.coop/~trunks/installer/ubuntu-express-ubuntu-doc_0.9ubuntu1_all.deb
	* http://interactors.coop/~trunks/installer/ubuntu-express_0.9ubuntu1.dsc
	* http://interactors.coop/~trunks/installer/ubuntu-express_0.9ubuntu1.tar.gz

	Changelog since 0.7 release (a week ago):

	* Backend / frontend connection completed.
	* Bootloader configuration (final implementations).
	* gtkui.py module full rewrited.
	* fixed a lot of bugs.
	* single backend splitted into several separated backends.

	This new release is complete functional. It can format, copy and
install Ubuntu Breezy from Live environment so __use it at your own
risk__ (be careful), but partman integration is yet needed (we are
awaiting some feedback from Colin to help us, when he's available).
Also, when last features about GraphicalPartitiongTool (related to
mountpoints) is to be integrated, we'll apply the convenient changes
into our implementations.


	P.S. From now, we have to do several installation tests to verify and
check all the features from this live installer.

Javier Carranza           http://interactors.coop | http://www.eurodev.net
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