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Hervé Cauwelier herve.cauwelier at
Wed Aug 24 07:46:34 CDT 2005

Alexandre Strube a écrit :
> How the VESA driver handles DDC? I have several video cards which are
> not detected by breezy, thus pointing to vesa driver, which opens X at
> 1024x760 @ 60hz

Maybe VESA is incompatible with DDC and has its own video mode selection 
method (the so called VESA modes). I don't know if the negociation on 
the video card is done by the card itself or the driver. In the latter 
case, I understand why VESA would fail.

> Some of them are
> - all via/amd64 ones
> - some sis onboard models
> - some intel models

I guess you should report it in bugzilla, but check for previous reports 

Thanks to stay on the list.

Hervé Cauwelier

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