DVD distribution..

Manu Abraham manu at linuxtv.org
Tue Aug 23 09:32:14 CDT 2005


As a member of DubaiLUG [1], one of the LUG's in UAE (the LUG itself is 
completely free of any commercial vendor sponsorship), we have a plan to 
distribute 5000 copies of a Linux distribution to schools and colleges. 
As discussions progressed, we finally ended up with Ubuntu (Hoary 
Hedgehog) or Knoppix.

Now, this event is a sponsored one, by many organizations.
Being a sponsored event, we will be going in for DVD manufacturing of 
our own, as sponsors require many ad's on top of the disc as well as on 
the CD sleeve, as well as ads in soft-copy format.

If we do so with Hoary Hedgehog, will we be treading upon any issues ? A 
question that i would like to get it cleared before we go into finalization.

Hope someone can clear up my thoughts, if things do not look too bright.

[1]	http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dubailug/


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