X.Org is unbroken -- how to fix

richard at littlerichard.org richard at littlerichard.org
Tue Aug 23 08:56:20 CDT 2005

> On 23/08/05, Till Varoquaux <till.varoquaux at gmail.com> wrote:
>> my keyboard won't com back to normal...
>>  shift doesn't have any effect but capslocks works fine (this is messed
>> up....)
>>  xorg.conf seems fine
>>  nothing interesting in xorg.0.log
> I had the same problem (even after all the hints given by Daniel).
> I had to switch from "fr-latin9" to "fr" for the keyboard layout
> (using dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg)
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> Joaquim
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Same issue only with gdm and french keymap (fr-latin9 or fr) in xorg.conf.
With Gnome i need to change in gconf kdb two values (model and layout) to
get the right keymap.

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