Breezy Badger milestone release "Colony 3" now available

Stephen Shirley diamond+ubuntu-devel at
Thu Aug 18 16:28:40 CDT 2005

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> If you test it, be sure to send us a report to
> ubuntu-devel at

Right, 3 things i found when installing colony 3 on my laptop (dell
inspiron 9300).

1) Framebuffer console display doesn't work at all with the X300
graphics card, the screen just goes completely blank (but the machine is
not hung). This happens with hoary too. Disabling the framebuffer got
around this.

2) There's a bug in the partition manager part of the install process:
if you return the the partition manager because of an error mounting a
partition, you cannot continue past it until you deselect a / and
reselect it again.

3) The kernel handling of lvm parititons is a bit flakey (or else the
partition manager is too permissive). During the install, i created a
logical volume called 'breezy-std'. However, the kernel (given the
parameter root=/dev/mapper/linuxvg-breezy-std) would panic on boot
saying it couldn't find volume group 'linuxvg-breezy'. Renaming the
logical volume to 'breezystd' fixed this issue.


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