Breezy Badger milestone release "Colony 3" now available

Alvin Thompson alvin-ubuntu at
Wed Aug 17 16:00:03 CDT 2005

if i install this and update regularly, will it eventually just "turn
into" the release? in other words, will an updated milestone install be
identical to a release install once the release comes out?


On Wed, 2005-08-17 at 13:46 -0700, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Colony CD 3, the third milestone release of the Breezy Badger development
> branch, is now available.  Our last milestone release was over a month ago,
> and there has been a lot of interest in testing Breezy, so we are pleased to
> provide this snapshot to the community for testing.  It is available for
> download here:
> United Kingdom:
> In the near future, this snapshot should also be available from the US
> mirror:
> United States:
> If you test it, be sure to send us a report to
> ubuntu-devel at
> There have been many improvements and bugfixes since Colony 2, but here are
> a few highlights:
>   - The second stage installer now has a progress bar, rather than massive
>     amounts of scrolling text
>   - The kernel uses initramfs rather than initrd, with a new hardware
>     detection infrastructure allowing for more flexible boot configurations
>     (such as for diskless workstations)
>   - The much-awaited USplash graphical boot feature is included; though its
>     full functionality is not yet enabled, it displays a graphical boot
>     screen and it is important for us to know that it works on a wide
>     variety of hardware before proceeding.  To activate it, run the
>     following command in a terminal after installing or upgrading:
>     $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r`
>   - It is possible to install directly to LVM volumes from the installer
>   - Bluetooth input devices should work out of the box
>   - The "Add/Remove Programs" tool has been enhanced and beautified
>   - Several desktop programs have been extended to provide convenient access
>     to related resources in Launchpad (you'll see new items in the Help
>     menu).  For example, Archive Manager, Text Editor and Evolution.
>   - Special keys on laptops should work out of the box in more cases
>   - A new tool has been added to make it easy to add and remove support for
>     multiple languages (System->Administration->Ubuntu Language Selector)
> Known bugs and caveats:
>   - [Live CD] There is something strange happening with the virtual console
>     switching on the live CD, which means that some of the startup and
>     shutdown messages are obscured
>   - [Install CD] The language packs for GNOME are not included on the CD, so
>     they will be downloaded from the network.  Non-networked installations
>     may need to install language-pack-<language>-gnome manually.
> Enjoy!

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