current problems in UbuntuExpress

kamstrup dlist at
Tue Aug 16 04:28:14 CDT 2005

Importing modules


I once got flamed (in a polite way :D) on #python that
__import__(mymodule) should never be used... The same effect can be
obtained with the pydoc.importfile("mymodulepath") in a safe way - I'm
no expert though...

On front-back communications


Have you checked out the DBUS Python tutorials?

The Python bindings for DBUS are quite easy to use... I don't think I
understand the exact problem in the front-back communication though. Is
it that you need a generic (ie. non-gtk-specific) way to do inter
process communication between the *-ends?

A simpler way might be to let the backend do non-blocking writes to a
named pipe and let the front-end read from that pipe end update the
progress bar at each read.

I am wondering why exactly you choose processes over threads? Normally
it seems to me that threads are easier to work with.

Specifically about grabbing the information through the front end and
notifying the back end, why not pass a callback function to the Wizard
constructor which it should call upon finishing? (maybe this is not
possible between processes but with threads it would be)... This
approach could also be applied to the progress bar...

Cheers and good luck

Mikkel Kamstrup


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