Resyncing the archive with the seed lists

Matthias Klose doko at
Mon Aug 15 07:11:07 CDT 2005

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

>  Source and binary promotions to main
>  ------------------------------------
>  o atlas3: atlas3-base
>    [Reverse-Depends: python2.4-numarray]
> 	python2.4-numarray [main] wants atlas3, but atlas3 has no main
> 	inclusion report.  Matthias?

fixed python2.4-numarray and python2.4-meric-ext to prefer 
lapack3/refblas3, which already is in main. needs sync from incoming 
(Aug 15).

>  o ispell-fo: aspell-fo
>    [Reverse-Depends: language-support-fo]
> 	Missing report

Are explicit reports needed for each dictionary?

>  o language-support-fo: language-support-fo
>    [Reverse-Depends: Supported seed]
> 	Pending report for ispell-fo dependency

sorting out the aspell dependencies with Martin.

>  o sox: sox
>    [Reverse-Depends: isdnvboxclient]
> 	Missing report

we should drop isdnutils, and keep isdnutils-base, ipppd, isdnlog, 
isdnutils-doc, isdnutils-xtools

>  o lapack3-pic                                                       {lapack3}
>    [Reverse-Build-Depends: atlas3]
> 	Pending atlas3

>  o refblas3-test                                                    {refblas3}
>    [Reverse-Build-Depends: atlas3]
> 	Pending atlas3

uploaded to prefer refblas3 over atlas3-base

>  o ia32-libs-kde: ia32-libs-kde
> 	This will presumably become a build-dependency of oo.o2.  Tollef?

yes, although not yet functional.

>  o
>  o
>  o openoffice.org2-debian-files: openoffice.org2-debian-files
> 	Are these obsolete (and should be removed entirely), or should they
> 	move to universe?  Matthias?

yes, requested removal.

>  o zopeinterface: python2.2-zopeinterface
> 	Matthias, shouldn't we stop building this entirely?

sure. requesting sync from unstable

>  o amd64-libs-dev                                                 {amd64-libs}
> 	This should presumably be seeded.  Tollef?

not yet. libc6-dev-amd64 still has problems, as it looks, a solution 
would require to replace the headers in libc6-dev (on i386) with the 
x86_64 headers. needs some work, coordinating with Jeff Bailey.

>  o libdb4.2-java-dev                                                   {db4.2}
>  o python2.4-egenix-mxstack                                   {egenix-mx-base}
> 	Matthias, should we seed these or move them?

yes, will do.

>  o libc6-amd64 libc6-dev-amd64                                         {glibc}
> 	Should these be seeded, or depended upon?

build dependency of gcc-4.0

>  o hplip-ppds                                                          {hplip}
> 	hplip is currently only in main because of hpijs, but we had planned
> 	to include it in order to provide out-of-the-box support for HP
> 	all-in-one devices.  I've added hplip-base and hplip-ppds to
> 	supported, but we should discuss moving them to desktop.

hplip is the recommended driver at least for the office jets.

>  o{}
>  o{}
> 	Assumed these can move into universe since 1.x is on
> 	the way to universe.  Moved.

yes, the *hyph* packages need to be removed, on my list.

>  o openoffice.org2-dev openoffice.org2-dev-doc openoffice.org2-officebean{openoffice.org2}
> 	Matthias, what shall we do with these? - proposing for desktop.
openoffice.org2-dev openoffice.org2-dev-doc: already in main, they can 
stay there.
openoffice.org2-officebean: never used it, maybe give the same status as 
the -dev packages?

>  o tk8.3-dev                                                           {tk8.3}
> 	Should probably be seeded.  Thoughts?

that is a build dependency of expect-tcl8.3, which is a build dependency 
of gcc-4.0 on hppa. Should be go in automatically, after the myterious 
build failures on the buildd's go away:

>  o xlibs-data                                                           {xorg}
> 	Daniel, is this obsolete, needed as a transitional package, or can
> 	it go?

Oh, NOOOOOOO. please keep this "fun" for breezy+1.

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