Release status update: FeatureFreeze begins

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Thu Aug 11 17:14:16 CDT 2005

As scheduled[0], feature freeze for the Breezy development branch begins
today.  What this means in general terms is that the main thrust of
development effort will be redirected from feature development to
stabilization.  That is, we will be primarily fixing bugs rather than adding
new features.

In specific terms, this means:

- If a certain feature isn't in Breezy yet, it is not going to be included
  in the final release without a special exception.  Freeze exceptions
  will only be granted by me, based on specific justification provided with
  the request.

- There will be a short-term push (already in progress) to get the desktop
  back to an installable state, resulting in installation and live CDs which
  basically work, at which point we'll solicit broader testing from the
  community.  Until that time, uploads to 'main' should be limited to
  fixes for bugs which affect the CD builds.

- Requests for freeze exceptions for main will be subject to more scrutiny.
  Expect more negative responses as time passes.

If you have any questions about the status of a feature that you're working
on, or about the freeze process in general, please follow up to
this message on ubuntu-devel.


 - mdz

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