UbuntuExpress status

Juan Jesús Ojeda Croissier juanje at interactors.coop
Fri Aug 5 04:21:10 CDT 2005

Hi guys ;-)

I write you to tell you how the things are going on with the UE
By now we got the main program with the structure to use different user
interfaces (Gtk+, Qt, text, non-interactive, etc), the Gtk+ and
non-interactive user interfaces almost done, the branding stuff almost
done, Graphical Partitioner very integrated and the autoparted in
progress to be integrated.

Now we are working on finishing the Gtk+ interface, branding stuff,
integration of the partitioners and the bootload installers.

We will keep informing of our progress but anyway you can see them here:

In the parent directory there is also a modified Gparted to be embedded
into the installer.

If you got any question or whatever, just ask ;-)

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