initramfs-tools call for testers

Aurelien Naldi aurelien.naldi at
Wed Aug 3 02:02:31 CDT 2005

Le mardi 02 août 2005 à 22:42 -0700, Matt Zimmerman a écrit :
> Note that it is intended that this method become part of the default
> boot
> process for the Breezy release, so it is important for it to get as
> much
> testing as possible.  So be adventurous!  It will land on you sooner
> or
> later anyway.
> -- 
>  - mdz 


I've just tested it on my system:
athlon64 (in 386 mode...), SATA, RAID 5, LVM, reiserfs

it didn't worked out of the box, I had to add "sata_nv"
to /etc/mkinitramfs/modules
but it is working now :)

strangly I had some frightening messages at startup, something like
"can't find sata_nv.ko" and several syntax error of modprobe

having it automagically add the sata_* modules would make it almost
perfect (I had a similar bug in the past with debian's mkinitrd and

nice work, thanks :)


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