Some questions

Xan DXpublica at
Tue Aug 2 06:04:08 CDT 2005


I have many technical questions that I'm sure you could answer. Please, do 

1) Is there any project for showing developers info (like gentoo's developer 
of the month)?. It could be interesting for promoting Ubuntu and knowing more 
about it.

I think you could add ubuntu statistics too in this monthly report ala gentoo: 
for example web statistics (number of visits, localtion of visits, number of 
downloads of .iso, number of bugs resolved, ...). These gives us better point 
of view of the evolution of ubuntu.

2) Is it possible to have a copy-paste/drag-and-drop cd-writer (with CD burner 
and nautilus): it automatically see what's the system of cdr (multisession, 
iso9660, ... or virgin media) and writes to cdr according with that info.?

I think it were useful for beginners

3) Is there any "official" net version of releases?. Here 
I find a net-installer release, but it this "official"?. Why it's not in

4) How passwords work in linux?. Can anyone explain me in high detail or show 
me references. I would like to think of public/private key cryptosystems in 
linux, but for that I want to know what's exactly what happens know with 
passwords: how these are formed and where are located.

Thank you very much in advance. And sorry for annoying but I think you are the 
best indicate for answering these questions and I did not see before any 


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