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Thu Apr 21 20:43:48 CDT 2005

Colin Watson Wrote: 
> On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 12:56:43AM -0400, David Walker wrote:

> > I have been hacking around on GTK framebuffer coding recently and
> find 

> > it to be quite simple.  I also have been working on making a GTK 

> > interface for the debian-installer in my free time.  It is not all 

> > there, but some of the features are.


> Great - I'd love to see patches.


> (Especially, I'd like to see a working gtk+/linux-fb package in Breezy

> as soon as possible ...)


> > A question, has there been any talk on creating a new installer.  Not

> > just a front-end for the debian-installer. 


> I think that would be a poor idea, given that debian-installer is

> *itself* a new installer and that we've put a lot of work into it.


> Cheers,


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I like the simplicity of the DI , but while the inclusion of a
installer for the LIVECD is smart I would also like to see DI enhanced
in a few areas because  I think it might help to attract a larger base.
I think the mandrake installer is a great example and of that I mean
the excellent UI it uses to repartition . I really see no other UI
issue that I thought could stand improvement other than ( this of
course varies widely on personal pref.) maybe  showing some slider bar
instead of flashing all the text by as the OS installs as I find that
somewhat unattractive albeit functional. This last comment has nothing
to do with the DI but It might be nice as well to see a slider bar and
graphic ( like fedora does ) instead of text during boot process.




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