SCSI scanners : make them work.

troutrou dlist at
Wed Apr 20 02:38:10 CDT 2005

>That shouldn't be necessary; this was fixed some time ago in the

>package.  If you remove the sg module from /etc/modules, it should be

>automatically when your scanner is detected.

>Please try it; if it doesn't work, file a bug against the 'hotplug'

>package, and tell us what is in the appropriate 'type' file in


Doesn't work, but I don't have a "scsi_generic" folder in  /sys/class,
so can't file a bug :-/

All I have is /sys/class/scsi_device and /sys/class/scsi_host

I looked in scsi_device/ and found a link to a another folder,
which contained a few tiny text files, including 'vendor' and 'model',
which cleared showed that the scanner was properly recognized : "AGFA"
and "Snapscan 1236".

However in the hardware/device manager, the scanner/device is not
identified, there is no way one could guess it's a scanner or anything,
the only string says "SCSI device".



PS: Evolution is broken in Breezy, so I am writing this from the web
forum, sorry if there is any HTML stuff...


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