ubuntu cd handout at an ict event

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 18 19:15:03 CDT 2005

(this is getting into technical details; please move to ubuntu-devel)

On Mon, Apr 18, 2005 at 02:36:08PM -0700, John M. Gabriele wrote:
> > I think the install from LiveCD option is popular with Knoppix because
> > installing Debian is [perceived] as being hard.  Thus, I think Knoppix
> > is viewed as 2 products, really:  OT1H a LiveCD, and OTOH an easier
> > Debian installer system - well, basically a Debian installer with good
> > h/w detection.
> I haven't installed Ubuntu. I'm a Debian user. Doesn't Ubuntu use the
> same D-I (Debian-Installer) as Debian? D-I has got great h/w detection.

Ubuntu's installer is based on D-I, but no, it is not the same.

> But if the install CD *is* the live CD, you wouldn't even need to
> use this "shipit" program. Just have a menu pop up upon booting
> that says, "Install or just boot Ubuntu this one time?".

Shipit is a free service for ordering pressed Ubuntu CDs.

> > OTOH, What does it lose ?  Sweat, time, resources, new bugs, new
> > support issues, new CD space constraints.
> There should be *less* sweat required, since you've only got to deal
> with one product instead of two. Re. space constraints, you've already
> pretty much got the same software on the live CD as the install CD, no?

It isn't quite as simple as that; the install CD provides much more
functionality than a simple desktop install (server installs, upgrades,
archive mirror for network installs, etc.).

While a live CD installer is possible, it is quite unlikely that it would be
able to provide  the same functionality without requiring approximately
twice as much space.

The question is whether we can find a balance which meets "enough" of the
use cases while staying within our resource constraints.

> Huh? Server space?
> I thought it goes:
> Debian Stable -- servers
> Debian Sid/Testing -- Debian devs, enthusiasts, maybe admins
> Ubuntu -- corporate desktop and home desktop users (with patches
>     funnelled back to Sid), maybe admins.

Not exactly; neither Debian nor Ubuntu is limited to the cases you ascribe
to them.  They are both general-purpose distributions.

 - mdz

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