Molot molotster at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 15:34:00 CDT 2005

Did anyone make apt-build works on Ubuntu?

We (2 person team) want to recompile many packages (own repository
with different optimization flags), so automated tool with
functionality that apt-get has would be great... The worst thing is
that on my system (hoary, installed with "server" option and then
apt-get'ed only some packages I need) it doesn't work. In best case,
it just ignores my optimalization flags. In other, it can download
build-deps and then say sth like "error - unsatisfied building
dependiences"... Some times it says "unpacking source" but directory
does not appear... And many other errors...

some kind of Molot
some kind of monster ;)

jid:molot at mruk.net
alt mailto:molot at mruk.net

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