Map some other function to the insert key

Matthew Thomas mpt at
Mon Apr 18 01:59:19 CDT 2005

Michael R Head wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-04-17 at 21:46 -0700, Daniel Robitaille wrote:
>>As for the Caps_lock, another key referenced in that Matthew Thomas
>>article, now that's another beast :) I usually try to disable it using
>>xmodmap on computers I work on because I keep hitting it by accident.
> Why not use Keyboard Preferences and "Make CapsLock and additional 
> Control" (it's under "Control Key Position")?

Because of a combination of three quirks: (1) the key is right next to 
A, (2) typing replaces selection, and (3) a large proportion of people 
(perhaps a majority, I'm not sure) don't understand undo.

People who aim for the letter A and hit Caps Lock at the same time get 
into a capitals-only mode they didn't intend, which is bad enough. But 
if Caps Lock behaved as Control, (1) the same accident would type 
Control+A, which would Select All, and (2) the next keystroke would 
replace the selection. They'd apparently have lost their entire 
document, and (3) might well not know how to get it back. 

So I can understand why it would be good for programmers to default Caps 
Lock to a Control key, but that wouldn't be a pleasant default for 
everyone else.

Matthew Thomas

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