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Yuan Qi gmanenews.3.maxchee at spamgourmet.com
Sun Apr 17 23:39:28 CDT 2005

The reason for this behaviour is because they can't see the actual 
content of the file without maxmizing the window. So I guess this is 
another argument for the menu-on-top arrangement: to promote user 
multitasking and make them more productive.

Eric Dunbar wrote:
>>Not arguing either ;)... Just pointing out the reasons (which, BTW,
>>are backed by extensive research into the merits of menu-in-window vs.
>>menu-at-top (m.a.t. wins hands down)) why menu-at-top is the better
>>paradigm, even if that's not "the way it's always been [in the Windows
>>There's one situation I can see *some* utility for menu-in-window and
>>that's in a mega-, multi-screen situation... but, even there it seems
>>like Mac users aren't poorly served by menu-at-top (you've still got a
>>fixed target that never moves).
>>Although, even then I'm not sure since I NEVER, and I mean NEVER see
>>Windows users use non-minimised windows at work -- it's simply too
>>complex a task to try to click-on and navigate menus in a random
>>location on the screen.
> It's very funny (to me)... when I see Windows users (and, I presume
> the same applies to Linux GNOME/KDE users) working with non-maximised
> windows, they use them as they would Mac OS windows -- to switch
> between windows, and, then they re-maximise the windows. I virtually
> never see a windows user using their windows as a Mac user might;
> side-by-side between DIFFERENT apps. In Windows I'll see people using
> Excel-beside-Excel but when they need to switch between Excel and Word
> (for e.g.) they'll unmaximise, switch, maximise, do something,
> unmaximise, switch, maximise (or, they'll switch between apps by
> clicking on the taskbar). Either way, an inefficient (certainly less
> efficient than menu-at-top) way of working (and, these aren't exactly
> computer illiterates).
> Anyway, that's it on this topic (that I feel compelled to comment on
> every now and then ;-).
> Eric.

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