NFSv4 support & breezy

Ghe Rivero ghe_rivero at
Thu Apr 14 10:30:58 CDT 2005

Hello everyone!
        i'm working to provide NFSv4 support for
breezy from the first days.

        The state is:

* acl: packages patched and working without any
* libnfsidmap: Not included on ubuntu (already on
debian) The MOTU team
should take care of this issue
* nfs-utils: Sid version  (1.0.7) with NFSv4 support
already included.
Just wait for an update on breezy
* util-linux: patches on the way. I will have them in
a couple of days.
* linux-kernel: Everything ok
* libgssapi & librpcsecgss: Not necesary since
nfs-utils debian packages
include it.

        It anyone want to test it, take it from:

        Ghe Rivero

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