Gaim error in... Breezy

Thom Holwerda slakje at
Thu Apr 14 05:53:52 CDT 2005

After today's pack of 128 updates in Breezy, Gaim fails to load, giving
the following error:

thom at ubuntu:~$ gaim
gaim: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol:

I already did a remove and install, but to no avail. I know it's part of
being on the bleeeeeding-edge to have this sorts of problems, but I
thought I'd share this with y'all anyway. After some Googling it seems
to be some problem related to linking:

"This is caused by the C++ library not being available at all to the final library. In the RedHat 9 case I got the above problem. It
was fixed by substituting `c++' for `gcc' in the linking stage, i.e the
last line of the result of `python ./ build' should be something
like: (...)" Read the rest:

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