Report on Hoary 5.04 installation

Xan DXpublica at
Thu Apr 14 05:49:18 CDT 2005

Dimecres 13 Abril 2005 14:52, en/na Xan (<Xan <DXpublica at>>) va 
>>Report on Hoary 5.04 installation
> 3) X window sets the default resolution of my monitor to 800x400 instead of
> 1024x600 (that it's my maximum resolution). On the rc release (and previous
> releases (array-5 and 6)), ubuntu sets me monitor to right resolution
> (1024). So this is final release specific bug.
> I could run dpkg-reconfigure xserver, but I think that ubuntu should set
> monitor to maximum resoltion by default in the installation.

Yesterday, _without thouching nothing_, the resolution change to 1024. Can 
anyone help me detecting what was happened if I send him/her my logs?.

It's strange at least.


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