Larger includes the lesser?

Ramanraj K ramanraj.k at
Tue Apr 12 09:51:24 CDT 2005

Richard Stallman wrote:

>      But, "FOSS", "Free and  Open Source Software"
>    terminology  have been  given  currency  by many  people  in the  free
>    software movement,  and there is little  point in objecting  to use of
>    that terminology.
>We don't object when people use the term "FOSS".  It is a legitimate
>way to refer to the free software and open source movements together,
>without taking a side between them.
What would be neutral between "Linux" and GNU/Linux?  When people use 
"Open Source" terminology while marketing Free Software, they invariably 
also use "Linux" to refer to the GNU/Linux operating system.

OSI openly says that "Open Source" is a marketing program for Free 
Software. They seem to highlight only the practical aspects of Free 
Software, and that seems to work well on some people. Would it not mean 
that there is only one movement, the free software movement, which 
obviously includes all our "Open Source" friends? "Open Source" friends 
may have some issues with some of us (mostly they sound private or 
personal), but generally we can't have any issues with them. "Linux" vs. 
GNU/Linux is sure to end in a compromise, once Hurd is ready, and we may 
just use the more sophisticated GNU operating system, that runs on HURD 
by default.

The larger movement always includes the lesser or newer, and this 
approach should help us while building project teams or organising 
events in India and elsewhere too. HTH.


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