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Daniel Stone daniel at
Tue Apr 12 09:59:55 CDT 2005

On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 12:38:08PM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
> Right, that general approach; although when %pre runs, /target hasn't
> been created or mounted yet (unless you're creating and mounting it
> yourself, I guess). However, since %post runs before the first reboot
> and xserver-xorg is installed in the second stage, you don't actually
> need to do anything in %pre; writing out the xorg.conf you want in %post
> would be fine.

Actually, as I explained earlier, xorg.conf will get trashed in first
install.  For hysterical raisins related to its Debian heritage[*],
we step through all the questions first, and make a decision on whether
or not to make an install *last*.  The only way to guarantee that no
questions will be asked is to write an /etc/default/xorg that sets
XORG_CONFIG=custom (which gets .'ed by xserver-xorg.{config,postinst}),
which will make the debconf scripts bail at the first opportunity.


[*]: Debian never probed, so walking through all the questions on first
     install/upgrade was OK.  When we bolted it on, we just threw in
     some magic to preseed the questions, as it were.  The debconf stuff
     still gets run first, *before* the decision on whether or not to
     write a new config file is made.  So, you can have a xorg.conf with
     'I like herring' in it, and it will still merrily ask you about
     the modes if DDC fails or whatever[+], before realising at the end
     of all this, after it's asked a question, that it doesn't need to
     write a configuration file and going away.  This sucks, I know.
[+]: In this case, and then write it out anyway, since it's the first
     install, but I digress.
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