Some criticismes

Spark* dlist at
Sun Apr 10 13:51:46 CDT 2005

> no audio burn tool installed by default. Please choose one like
> graveman
> or gnomebaker or coaster ...

This task can and will be supported by Rhythmbox in the future. I don't
think there needs to be a separate burning application (adding clutter
and confusion) in the default setup, if all important tasks can be
supported by more integrated means.

UbuWu Wrote: 
> I really think this should be done. It is true that there shouldn't be
> too much options in the menus, but now if you have a nice picture that
> you want as a background, it just takes waaaay too many steps to get it
> there.
It totally doesn't. You have two quick ways to set a desktop
1) Right-click the desktop, chose Change Desktop Background and then
drag the picture into the list. Very discoverable and fast.
2) Drag the picture with the middle mouse button (or hold Alt) on the
desktop, then select "Set as Background" from the popup. 
There is no reason to clutter the menu for a special task like this.


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