Usplash question: a program is ready, but can we call it usplash?

Goshawk dlist at
Fri Apr 8 12:55:32 CDT 2005

The requirements on that are those:

* A static image displayed as early as possible in the boot process
(early userspace)
*  A progress indicator displayed when enough userland is present
to support it
* Completely disabled if 'splash' is not present on the kernel
command line
* Safe fallback to textual boot process if any significant error
condition arises

Are already all implemented... there is also a very well config files
where you can set the progressbar color, alpha channel and background
image; there is also a revolutionary option, the NoAutoVerbose that let
you set you usplash to be silent even if an error is occured...

Thanks for your answer: If you will say ok, usplash-0.1 is ready


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