Another extremely urgent nVidia driver testing request

Florian Zeitz florian-zeitz at
Mon Apr 4 07:59:45 CDT 2005

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I could have told you this won't work for me without testing, because I
use a self compiled kernel and thatfor have to compile the nvidia driver
myself to. This is not a problem, because you provide
nvidia-kernel-source_1.0.7174, but the resulting package will depend on
nvidia-kernel-common_1.0.7174 which is not provided. That is also the
case with the version currently in the repository (see Bug #8526). So I
think this should be fixed at least before release.

Daniel Stone wrote:
> Hi all,
> nVidia have released another version of their driver (1.0.7174) as an
> errata release to 1.0.7167 with very few changes.  We're hopefully
> going to pick this one up for Hoary, but as with 7167, it needs a fair
> bit of testing.  If anyone with an nVidia card could please add this
> to their sources list:
> deb i386/
> for i386 users, or:
> deb amd64/
> for amd64 users, and run a dist-upgrade (or 'Smart Upgrade'), reboot,
> and let me know whether it worked or failed, I would be very, very
> much obliged.  No 'yeah, works for me', or 'it didn't start' report
> is too dull: if this is to go into Hoary, we need to test the pants
> off it.
> Thanks a lot,
> Daniel

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