Spatial mess prevention

Buffalo Soldier dlist at
Sun Apr 3 10:39:57 CDT 2005

Remy Maucherat Wrote: 
> Your reasons are cool, but the new behavior is better. Did you actually
> notice that holding down shift would create the usual "spatial"
> craziness that does not make any sense in most cases ? That kind of
> little tricks are the only thing I like in the wndows explorer, and is
> the reason I like the new stuff, so congrats to whoever came up with
> this solution.
> All the complaints really read like the usual user rants I am so used
> to, every time a developer dares change a behavior.
> RémyEven if this new functionality advantage outweights the disadvantage,
the bad sense of timing negates all that advantage.

I'm surprised they decide to put this in about a week before Hoary
official release. 

Changing the way Nautilus works is quite a radical change in my
opinion. And it should be done at the an earlier development stage of
next version... exposing it to the few who are comfortable with changes
such as Remy.

And when more and more people starts trying the new Array CD for 
Breezy.. the change will not come as much of a shock.

Buffalo Soldier

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