Spatial mess prevention

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Sat Apr 2 14:47:22 CST 2005

I thought I would summarize what I have heard regarding the debate
about this. Note that in the interest of full disclosure, I dislike
the new spatial.

Reasons why this is a bad thing.

1. It breaks documentation. As a member of the documentation team, we
have been in string freeze for some time now. Release notes are being
translated. In other words, to add mention of this to anywhere is
going to involve a lot of people and a lot of coordination and time

2. It may cause bugs. See:

3. Feature freeze was long time ago. Feature freeze is for people like
documentation team to document these things, so that we can mention

4. There is no good way to turn it off. By that I mean a gui way. But
Koke did some excellent work

5. We are 6 days from a release. Bugs simply don't have time to come
out and be fixed

6. It breaks upstream compatibility. As well as cross-distro compatibility.

Reasons to keep the new way

1. The old way barfed windows all over the place. Sometimes it was
very difficult to use the task bar. I found this very annoying.
Something better needed to be found.

Closing thoughts:

This is what I have heard, read and seen in the last day about this,
as well as my own thoughts. I ask the dev team to please reconsider
and bump this to Breezy.



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