My eyes!

bored2k dlist at
Fri Apr 1 16:23:48 CST 2005

anoyedbyyou Wrote: 
> I do not appreciate things like this happening to my machine. It's
> practically offensive. It seriously makes me consider stopping to use
> ubuntu. To see some ugly strangers spread across my screen is not at
> all appealing and makes me wonder about the security of this distro.
> Any help on telling me how to change this now and how to prevent it
> from happening in the future would be greatly appreciated.
> Geeze, have some proffesionalism April Fool or no.
Those "ugly strangers" are basically the reason why Ubuntu is Ubuntu.
So try being less offending aight ;). Well go System > Administration >
Login Screen Setup, put your password and change it [make sure you reset
it after tomorow when its probably going normal]. Go for

I can't believe you joined the forums to make fun of the "dudes" and
say they're offensive, when every other post is laughing at how cool
and unexpected was. And remember, they're not charging you for it, so
they can do whatever they please with it.


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