KDE 3.3 packages

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Sep 29 09:26:21 CDT 2004

I've made KDE 3.3 packages for Ubuntu from the Debian unstable

deb http://geeksoc.org/~jr/ubuntu/ unstable main

It's just kdelibs and kdebase for now, hopefully I can look at making
other packages soon.  Contact me if you want to help.

Packages in Universe have extra fields
 Bugs: mailto:ubuntu-users @lists.ubuntu.com
 Origin: Ubuntu

but I get complaints from dpkg-buildpackages when I add these, is
there something that needs done to allow these fields?

Also I was needing to ask about root.  KDE uses kdesu to run things
such as configuring the login manager or setting the clock as root.
This doesn't work because there is no root password, how does the
Gnome setup get round this?


Jonathan Riddell

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