New Utopia stack ready; please help with testing

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Sep 27 12:10:05 CDT 2004

Hi Ubuntu folks!

In the last days I packaged and tweaked the crack-of-the-day Utopia stack
(dbus-1, hal, gnome-volume-manager) and nautilus-cd-burner. Before somebody
cries "we are in freeze, man": this has been discussed with mdz and he
suggested this :-). After much fiddling and patching the whole thing now
actually works, and now much better than before.

This new stack hopefully fixes more bugs than it introduces. CD
burning should now work flawlessly (#1234), which was the primary
reason for upgrading all this stuff. Proper gphoto2-camera integration
comes for free (#1509) as well.

To make sure that the newly introduced bugs are not too bad, I would
like as many people as possible to test them before I request approval
and upload them into the official archive.

The source packages and i386 debs can be downloaded from

The easiest method to get these packages is to add a new apt source:

   deb  /

Please send any bug reports as followup to this mail or by private mail; please
do not clutter up Bugzilla as long as I did not upload these packages.
Please also report conffile upgrading issues with hal. There was a lot
of conffile juggling between the versions and I would like to be sure
that the package upgrades everywhere without asking dpkg questions.

Thanks for testing this stuff and enjoy!


Detailed changelogs:

 dbus (0.22-1ubuntu1) warty; urgency=low
   * New upstream release for warty
   * added patch dbus-python-64bit: support int64 and uint64 data types in
     python2.3-dbus; this is required for hal-device-manager 0.2.98


 hal (0.2.98-1ubuntu1) warty; urgency=low
   * New upstream release for Warty, based on future Sid version (thanks to
     Sjoerd Simons)
   * Removed patches (adopted upstream): 02_ioctl_errors, 03_hal_conf_in_user,
     04_min_privileges, 09_fix_sysfs_read_attribute, 10_validate_utf8
   * Removed patch 01_init_block_dev: now handled upstream in a different way
   * Removed patch 06_wifi-fix, mii_get_link() is not called on WiFi cards any
     more (see Warty #843)
   * Adapted patches from earlier Warty revisions, removed the number prefix to
     conform to Debian package convention; copied relevant changelog entries:
     - menu_change: Jeff's patch for the menu changes. Now the hal-device-manager
        is in "Desktop Preferences" -> "System Tools"
     - use_pmount: Use pumount to unmount devices on removal.
   * added patch gphoto2-usb-usermap: point to libgphoto2-2's usb usermap in
     tools/linux/hal-hotplug_map.c (together with a recent
     gnome-volume-manager this should solve Warty bug #1292)
   * hal now depends on lsb-base (for pretty initscript)
   * libhal-dev now depends on libexpat-dev
   * hal-device-manager.1, hald.8: properly quoted dashes
   * README.Debian: added note about removed privileges and how to reenable
     file system detection by putting hal into disk
   * added hal.default for selecting whether hald runs as root or user; this
     replaces the much more complicated debconf + ucf mechanism
   * hal.preinst: check if /etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf configuration file was
     unmodified and delete it in this case to avoid asking conffile question
   * fstab-update.hal: reverted removing of bashisms to avoid asking what to do
     with the updated conffile
   * make hal conflict to gnome-volume-manager << 1.0.2 because of new
     storage.removable semantics (which is only handled correctly by g-v-m
     1.0.2ubuntu1 and up)
   * debian/hal-device-manager.desktop: added German translation
   Relevant log entries for ported changes from older Warty versions:
   * Add fdi file for Canon Digital Ixus 400 and Powershot A70 (Warty #1286)
     [Thom May]
   * debian/hal.postinst: Put user 'hal' into group 'plugdev' (create the group
     if it does not exist). This allows hald to check for new media in flash
     card readers (and similar devices), if the respective device is readable
     by group 'plugdev'; this will be the case with future versions of udev.
     (Warty bug #996)


 gnome-volume-manager (1.0.2-0ubuntu1) warty; urgency=low
   * New upstream release (only translation updates)
   * debian/patches/04_fr.patch:
     - adapted to apply against new upstream version
   * debian/patches/05_de.patch:
     - update of the German translation.
   * debian/patches/06_unhandled_removables:
     - newer hal versions correctly report "storage.removable = 1" for USB
       devices; Non-CD-ROM devices are not yet handled by gvm_media_changed();
       patch falls back to old semantics (mount the device) in this case
   * libhal-dev build-dependency raised to >= 0.2.97


 nautilus-cd-burner (2.8.3-0ubuntu1) warty; urgency=low
   * New upstream release: now supports drive locking (Warty bug #1234)
   * debian/patches/cdrom-umount.patch:
     - try to unmount a mounted CD-RW before attempting to burn it (also Warty
       bug #1234)
     - requires build-dependency libgnomevfs2-dev
   * raised build-dependency of libhal-dev to >= 0.2.98 to ensure locking

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Ubuntu Developer  
Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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