Gfax dialogs etc.

George Farris george at
Fri Sep 24 23:28:56 CDT 2004

I'm working on the UI for Gfax and have a question the list might be
able to help with.

I have a druid set up to step a person through sending a new fax.  It
asks the following questions:

1 - fax number (text entry, button and list)
2 - resolution (checkbutton)
3 - email confirmation (checkbutton and email text entry)
4 - scheduled transmission (one sets time and date to send)
5 - send

So it has five pages to the druid.

Keeping the HIG in mind would it be best to keep the druid or try and
fit everything in one window.  I can't seem to find much on this in the
HIG other than it says:

"Assistants are often used in situations where a better solution would
be to simplify, or even better automate, the process. Before using an
assistant to step people through a complex operation, consider if the
operation can be fundamentally simplified so an assistant is

I don't really consider this a complex operation so it may be best to
keep the druid I don't know.


George Farris <george at>

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