Common Desktop goals

Bluefuture bluefuture at
Mon Sep 20 17:25:15 CDT 2004

I think that could be some "Desktop" common goals for UbuntuLinux
UserLinux and Debian Destkop:

- Introducing a graphical boot in Debian:
IMHO, actually the best solution is Gensplash

- Working on Debian Control Center:

- Developing a gtk frontend for the new Debian installer:
Kov had started some preliminary work on this issue. and

- Improve Apt-watch:
apt-watch is a tool (desktop applet) which monitors apt repositories for
updates, particularly security updates.

- Working on an option like "rpm -h" for dpkg system:
This could improve usability of apt frontends like apt-watch and
synaptic for newbie users.

- Improve initd and Kernel optimization for Desktop.
Some of this issues are discussed here:

If Userlinux and UbuntuLinux developers thinks that this could be common
goals for the "upstream" Debian some discussion and ideas about this
issues could be discussed on the "neutral" :) debian-desktop mailing


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