Belgian keyboard bug

fpeters at fpeters at
Sun Sep 19 03:13:34 CDT 2004

I wrote on -users:

> Installed Ubuntu last night and the only glitch was the keyboard
> selection: I selected "Belgium" in d-i and console keyboard was
> correctly set (Debian #262620 apparently fixed) but keyboard in X was
> set to German (XkbLayout "de").

I now looked and here is the problem.  Belgium has three official
languages: Dutch, French and German.  Dutch and French-speaking people
(99% of the population) use the belgian layout; the small number of
German-speaking people use the german layout.

Keyboard selection has been hacked into xserver-xfree86.config and
case "$LANG" in
  "de_BE at euro" ) LAYOUT="de" XKBOPTIONS="" ;;
  "fr_BE at euro" ) LAYOUT="be" XKBOPTIONS="" ;;
  "nl_BE at euro" ) LAYOUT="be" XKBOPTIONS="" ;;
  *"BE"* ) LAYOUT="de" XKBOPTIONS="" ;;

But $LANG is set to fr_BE, not fr_BE at euro.



[PS: any bts url?]

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