Laptop-enhancing patches

Paul Drain pd at
Tue Oct 26 19:47:57 CDT 2004

> Mmm, but you were using RH/Fedora previously on your laptop, right? And
> they were better for power consumption and so on?

Yeah, under Red Hat 9 and EL3 with a 2.6.8/ the context switching
patch on its own gave nearly 10% better battery life when running the IO
tests from LTP on it's own.

The -mm reversion patch and the latency rollup make for better
interactivity without preemption, have now been in use by at least 5
different users for a fortnight or so without issue.

All three make a huge difference to responsiveness and lower disc
swapping levels on my Celeron 600Mhz desktop machine, a dual P4 3Ghz and
my iBook too.



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