Ubuntu Traffic #08

Benj. Mako Hill mako at canonical.com
Tue Oct 26 00:09:11 CDT 2004


Ubuntu Traffic is a newsletter summarizing the goings-on in the Ubuntu
community -- focusing on IRC and mailing list activity.

I've written up Ubuntu Traffic #08 for the week ending a week from
last Friday and I'm very close to catching up. This week summarizing
"the artwork" goes in quite a bit of depth. The issue can be read


Thanks to those who threw traffic tips my way in the last week and
those who have even given me some tips and suggestion for the traffic
rendering itself! I appreciate all the feedback and am working to
integrate as much of it into forthcoming traffics as I can.

I will only be posting Ubuntu Traffic on the -users and -devel lists
for a few more weeks. I'm going to be switching completely to the
ubuntu-news mailing list. You should sign up there here:



Benjamin Mako Hill
mako at canonical.com

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