Proposal for ubuntu-debugscripts package

Oliver Grawert hostmaster at
Tue Oct 19 15:52:37 CDT 2004


regarding that a good bunch of debugging tasks happens repeatedly in
-users where the user has to issue a lot of commandline tasks (lspci,
dmesg...) collecting files (/var/log/foo, /etc/fstab...) and data from
the system hardware. 
wouldn't it be a good idea to have a script for each of the major common
debugging tasks (X, hal/g-v-m, ide, scsi ...) with a descriptive name
that collects the respective info and drops it into a .debug/.tgz file
on the users desktop ? the user would be able to run it via the "Run
Command" menuoption and then just had to drag/drop the result to the
this would ease the task for the user and the developer could decide
what gets collected, fitting his needs. 
a package containing all these scripts could stay in the development
branch and get removed just before release.


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