John Hornbeck hornbeck at freeshell.org
Thu Oct 14 12:04:21 CDT 2004

For some reason I was receiving mail from july in the gnome-docs mailing
list and there is no doc day this weekend.  I will post again once there
really is one.

On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 11:54 -0500, John Hornbeck wrote:
> This coming sunday will be a doc day for the gnome doc team.  We could
> really work with them on this since our main desktop is Gnome.  If some
> of our doc people would like to represent us in the #docs channel on
> gimpnet on sunday please do, as I always hear complants about distro's
> not giving back to the docs.  This is a area where we could help them
> and us.
> John

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