Accessibility Team

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Thu Oct 7 10:39:34 CDT 2004

>Yes please, get a wiki page going, think about some accessibility goals
>for our next release (beyond those already documented on the Hoary
>Hedgehog page), and throw out some ideas on ubuntu-devel... At the next
>community council meeting, we can get a team together officially!
OK, Sivan and I are on the case. I can feel the ideas starting to flow :)

>I'm very interested in helping with this, and have a bunch of people in
>Sydney keen to work on an Accessible Ubuntu derivative (mostly because
>some of the a11y requirements will be inconvenient for users who do not
>need them). We're planning to work on some of these goals at the regular
>Debian codefests held by the local LUG.
Cool. After having just a quick look, I can see that there is indeed 
some stuff that needs work.  I'll start by reading up on what other 
people around the globe are doing.

btw: GOK (Gnome On-screen Keyboard) seems to be completely broken in 
Ubuntu (sounder-9) It doesn't launch. I don't see it in bugzilla, so 
I'll add it in.  The gnome bugzilla also has some GOK bugs, but AFAICT, 
not this one, so it looks ubuntu-specific.

- Henrik

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