Please test package which improves iPod and USB support

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Oct 7 09:58:27 CDT 2004

Hi again!

Martin Pitt [2004-10-07 14:07 +0200]:
> Concerning, I
> put up a (still) unofficial new gnome-vfs2 package which should
> (finally) handle the unmounting of iPods correctly. It also plays
> better with USB sticks, they are actually powered off now.

What a pity. It works perfectly for me, but some iPod users (thanks to
Carlos and Ross) tried it out and found that it revives bug

To quote my latest comment on #2134:

I just revoked the built packages because using eject uncovered the kernel bug
in #1891 (which I just reopened and commented). The package still works fine for
me and other people, but iPods (and maybe other firewire devices) crash hal
after ejecting them the first time.

The problem is that eject shuts down a device in a way that a subsequent open(2)
call on it hangs forever waiting on the kernel (ps state 'D') with no chance
whatsoever to even SIGKILL it. This does not occur only with eject, I also saw
this behaviour when I debugged hal on an user's machine which had a somewhat
faulty CD-ROM drive.

Thus this change cannot be applied as long as the kernel has this bug. Dear iPod
users, I'm afraid you have to continue to ignore the busy message on your
iPods... :-(

Folks, I'm sorry. If this happens to you, please exercise the
revocation procedure I described in my initial mail (skip the loud
crying part, though).


Martin Pitt             
Ubuntu Developer  
Debian GNU/Linux Developer
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