Consider disabling middlemouse.contentLoadURL by default

Jason Pearce jason_pearce at
Wed Oct 6 01:05:15 CDT 2004

--- Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> wrote:

> If someone provides a ready answer for the FAQ to instruct users who
> _do_ want this feature to enable it, I think we are ready to make
> change for Warty.

I hope this will suffice. It can be added to the FAQ as soon as it
actually applies.

How do I enable middle click URL loading?

Middle click URL loading can be enabled in the Firefox web browser's
about:config interface.

To enable middle click URL loading type about:config into the address
bar of the Firefox Browser. You will be presented with a long list of
preferences that are available in the Firefox web browser. Type
middlemouse.contentLoadURL into the filter entry field at the top of
the list of preferences. The middlemouse.contentLoadURL preference will
be the only entry left in the list. Double clicking on the entry will
change the preference between enabled and disabled states. Changes in
the preference setting will take effect immediately.

The about:config interface has many other useful settings. More
information about the interface can be found on the following page.


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