monkeytalk reactivation ?

Oliver Grawert hostmaster at
Sun Oct 3 08:09:29 CDT 2004


Am Sonntag, den 03.10.2004, 14:50 +0200 schrieb Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski:
> > it could be fine to get the first timers impressions at its freshest.
>  Maybe we should configure XChat/IRCClient package to autoconnect with #ubuntu?

thats exactly what monkeytalk did, ot was only a popup on first start
with a hint to the program in the menu; which then, once started,
provided you with a simple "do you want immediate help yes/no" dialog.
clicking yes fired up xchat with the predefined channel.

this was one of the greatest usability features i've seen in ancient
gnome, wondering why they dropped it....

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