d-i presseding

Matt Zimmerman mdz at canonical.com
Fri Oct 1 14:33:46 CDT 2004

On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 02:16:05PM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:

> Matt, Jeff, what do you think? I know roughly what's needed to backport
> the preseeding changes: they're a collection of small fixes to debconf
> use across a lot of udebs, plus a couple of *-preseed.udeb packages.
> They're probably one of the better-tested parts of d-i due to Joey's
> funky autotesting framework. What do you think about having me spend a
> day or so backporting all this?

I think it's a big change, very late in the release cycle, and that it's
about time we started being real bastards about the freeze, having all of 12
days remaining. :-)

It's already a goal for Hoary, as you mentioned, and we'll be taking it even
farther than this.  My inclination is to leave it until then.

(trimming to ubuntu-devel, please don't crosspost)

 - mdz

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